2023 Tournament Guidelines (rev. 9/22)


1. Proper attire for managers and coaches: 
Clean, neat shirt – NO tank tops or shirts with advertising!   
Slacks or Shorts. No cut-offs with holes or frayed edges! 
Complete baseball uniforms are prohibited in Little League divisions.  
A team hat may be worn.  
Sandals are okay but shower clogs are not!

2. No Smoking anywhere near the playing fields or dug-outs!  Alcohol is not allowed at any LL tournament site.  Please inform you parents!  Staff will be checking all solo cups!

3. Good Sportsmanship is always required.  Respect the umpires, tournament directors, other managers and coaches and the players. Managers must control their fans. See Zero Tolerance Policy!

4. Under no circumstances will coaches, managers or ‘unofficial coaches” or parents be allowed to coach from outside the dugout, along the fence line, behind the backstop or from the opposing team’s stands!  This will be strictly enforced by the umpires, tournament director and district staff!

5. Affidavits must be carried to each game by the manager.  The manager is responsible for turning the affidavit into the tournament director when he arrives at the game and picking it up after the game is over & verifying the pitching information is correct.  Once the affidavit is signed by the tournament director, pitching records cannot be changed.  You must pick up your affidavit after each game.  You may be playing at a different location your next game. 

6. The manager must carry all the player medical releases to each game!

7. The Player Verification Sheets with 3 proofs of residency or school enrollment form signed boundary map and all waivers must be carried with the affidavit.

8. The L.L. Patch must be SEWN on the left sleeve or above the left breast of all player uniforms.       (11-12 Division only in 2021.)

9. Bat boys or girls are not allowed.  Batting donuts are not allowed!

10. There is no “on deck” area anywhere in Little League (minor/major div) Do not allow players to swing the bats in or out of the dugouts!!

11. Players must stay in the dugouts always, unless warming up a pitcher.  A player warming up a pitcher must wear a catcher’s mask with dangling throat protector.  A catcher’s helmet must be worn during practice, pitcher warm-up and games.

12. Managers, Coaches & Parents cannot warm up a pitcher at home plate, in the bullpen, or anywhere else. (Rule 3.09)

13. Managers must inform the home plate umpire and the official scorekeeper of any substitution and the substitute’s place in the batting order. It is also recommended that you inform the opposing team as well.

14. The manager and one or two coaches are the only adults allowed in the dugout.  Scorekeepers are not allowed in the dugout, unless they are one of the official coaches. 

15. A coin toss will determine the home team advantage.  All teams are to arrive at least ½ hour before game time.  If you do not arrive ½ hour ahead, the opposing team (if present) may be given their choice. Home team dugout is along third base, no exceptions!  Games must be kept on schedule. Please check in with the tournament director as soon as you arrive at the site.

16. Please check all your equipment! Make sure you do not have any illegal equipment & that all equipment is in good repair.   Catchers must have a dangling throat protector even with the hockey type mask!    
17. The managers are responsible if there are illegal bats in their dugouts not the umpires. The manager will be ejected from the game as well as the player who violated the rule.
18. Remember the mandatory play rule for all divisions.

19. District Rings & the District Champion Flag will be presented to the winners in each division.  The Second-Place team will receive a team trophy.

20. Each team, the manager and 2 coaches will be awarded a Little League All-Star pin for participating in the district tournament.

21. All district and sectional tournament schedules & updates will be on the: 
District website:, and the
Illinois State website is:

22. Umpires will check all equipment before each game.  Managers are responsible for the legality of all bats.  Any illegal or damaged equipment will be kept by the District Administrator or District Official until after the tournament is over, it will not be returned after the game.

23. District 11 has a Zero Tolerance Policy for Umpire Abuse.

24. Let your kids have fun during the tournaments!  We are here for them!!! Let them enjoy it!